We pair holistic, positive approach methodologies with the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our mixed methodology promotes generalized, life-long skill building in the areas of executive functioning, cognitive abilities & daily living skills of our clients.

Our staff will meet with parents and educator to learn about the needs of the child and why they are seeking help. The next step is observing to get first hand experience with areas of strengths and concern.

After observation, we write and review our recommended intervention plan. This is a collaborative process in which we encourage feedback and questions. Once a plan is agreed upon, intervention begins.

Progress Monitoring

Olive bases its programming on objective, flexible goal setting. We understand that our client’s needs are always changing and our intervention adapts accordingly. We consistently monitor goal progress to ensure our programming reflects the individuals needs.

Collaboration, Communication & Coaching

We pride ourselves on having an open, accessible communication with the parents of our clients. Educators and parents know the child best and are vital members of all behavior intervention teams. Olive encourages parent & educator participation every step of the way.

Olive offers parent and educator coaching during the child’s sessions or separately. We believe educators and parents should have strategies and tools necessary for their child’s success. Effective programming requires consistency we encourage parent and educator participation to promote this.


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While we are contracted with a small number of insurance agencies, our families typically pay out of pocket.

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