Prior to beginning any intervention service, parents meet with our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to learn more about the specific needs of the child. We will collaborate with other service providers such as Speech Pathologists & Occupational when applicable. 

Following this meeting, our BCBA observes the child to gather pertinent information.

The BCBA and parents will then collaborate to develop behavior goals for the individual. Behavior goals incorporate significant needs of the child and drives our individualized programming. Goals are tailored for each client and can reflect learning new skills such as tying shoes or using utensils to eat. Other goals can be learning effective communication skills, new appropriate behaviors to replace problem behaviors and independence.

Once goals are developed the BCBA complies all information into a formal document known as a Behavior Intervention Plan and programming begins.


Pairing is often the first steps in our behavior intervention programming. Paring refers to the learner and teacher developing positive rapport & trust. Paring is a necessary step for successful intervention.

Another first step we take is to identify communication strengths and weaknesses is another . The ability to effectively communicate verbally and non-verbally is paramount to learning new skills and remedying problem behaviors. It is necessary for children to feel confident in their ability to communicate with the world around them.


Applied Behavior Analysis

We use the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is currently the best known evidence-based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It is a science-based therapy approach that utilizes reinforcement strategies and specific behavioral principles. This approach drastically improves executive functioning, cognitive abilities & daily living skills. Applied Behavior Analysis makes for long-lasting behavioral changes and teaches skills that can be generalized to all aspects of life.

Data Driven Progress Monitoring

Olive bases its programming on objective, observable behaviors. We understand that our client’s needs are always changing and our behavior intervention adapts accordingly. We monitor goal progress daily to ensure our programming reflects the individuals needs.

Parent Collaboration, Communication & Education

We pride ourselves on having an open, accessible communication with the parents of our clients. Parents know their child best and are vital members of all behavior intervention teams. Olive encourages parent participation every step of the way.

Olive offers parent education & training during the child’s sessions or separately. We believe parents should have strategies and tools necessary for their child’s success. Effective programming requires consistency we encourage parent participation to promote this.


Olive always offers FREE consultations!

Our goal is to leave parents with meaningful tools that can be used right away! We will discuss individualized strategies to help your child learn new skills, and remedy problem behaviors. Your BCBA will help identify behavior patterns and outline methods for behavior change.

While we are contracted with a small number of insurance agencies, our families typically pay out of pocket.

Contact Olive today to learn more. We are happy to answer any questions.