Behavior Intervention, Specialized Tutoring, Parent Consultation

Olive works with all children requiring extra support with daily living skills, executive functioning and cognitive development. We are experienced in transforming difficult problem behaviors into new and appropriate skills.

Our practice uses positive approach teaching strategies and follows holistic methodologies that recognize individuality.

Parent collaboration and communication is at the forefront of our practice. Olive consistently empowers parents with meaningful tools to further their child’s success.

Olive provides in-home and at school services.

Olive is here to help and always offers FREE consultations; discuss individualized strategies to help your child learn new skills, and remedy problem behaviors.

Why Olive?

It is our mission to provide the highest quality intervention services. We believe in the potential of all children given the proper environment, tools & teacher.

Too often children requiring extra help are given inadequate support and services that fail to focus on the individuals needs & circumstances. We are committed to changing this pattern and shedding a positive light on special services.

Your team at Olive is patient, friendly and cares about their work. We focus on developing a positive relationship with clients to make learning fun and achievable for all children.

Interested in Personal Educational Consulting?

We advocate for students deserving of Special Education services and help parents navigate their child’s education.

Olive understands the often confusing and unapproachable nature of Special Education in schools. Our goal is to be a resource for parents. We are here to answer questions regarding Special Education process & procedure, review the IEP document, review steps needed to begin Special Education services, parent rights and so much more.

Please visit our Educational Consulting page to learn more or contact us today.

Olive always offers a FREE 1-hour introductory meeting.