It is our mission to provide the highest quality behavior intervention services for parents and their child.

For children: We believe in the potential of all children given the proper environment, tools & teacher. Olive nurtures every child’s individuality and adjusts programming for the specific needs of the client. One size does not fit all.

We foster success by discovering our client’s motivators, dislikes, and building lasting rapport. Your team is patient, friendly and cares about their work. Olive focuses on developing a relationship with our clients and families to ensure learning is a positive experience. Our approach makes learning achievable.

Too often children requiring extra help are given inadequate support and services that fail to focus on the individuals needs & circumstances. We are committed to changing this pattern and shedding a positive light on special services.

For Parents: Our services are based on an open & collaborative communication model. We value parent inclusion and aim to give parents long-lasting meaningful tools that will encourage their child’s success beyond sessions.

Our approach was born from witnessing parent’s frustrations when navigating their child’s special needs services. We found that parents have a vast array of questions about which service is appropriate for their family. Equally so, parents have questions regarding the services their child is currently receiving. Our parents are educated in their child’s behavior intervention plan, provided regular progress updates and are always given the time to ask questions or pose wonderings.

We genuinely care about our clients and their families. We are here for you as a resource beyond behavior intervention to ensure your child reaches their potential. .


Anna Levy-Distefano MBA, MIT, BCBA 

Anna Distefano is the founder, & lead BCBA at Olive Behavior Care. Complimentary to her career as a Special Education Teacher, Anna works as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Personal Educational Consultant. In addition to being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Anna holds a Masters in Teaching for Special Education and a Masters in Business Management from NYU. 

“I am passionate about providing behavioral care for my clients and witnessing the positive differences in my client's lives.  It is a true joy to be a part of this process." - Anna Distefano


"Anna consistently impresses me with her deep understanding of preventing and managing problem behavior." - Trish, parent of 8 year old

"She implements research-based strategies & has a heart for this work. Anna treats every client with as much dignity as she would a typically developing individual." - Deborah

“Anna connected with my daughter in a way that no other interventionist had before. She was patient, kind and always willing to talk to me and answer questions.” - Dana, parent of 8 year old